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Life confessions of a soon-to-be has-been

Pretty as a car crash

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Elphaba Thropp
14 February
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My name is Charlotte...
or Latte, Char, C-dog and Charnizzle... but I prefer Charlotte.
Im a pretty unique person and so are my amazing friends.
I am in a gang, LCSS REPRESENT!
I love to sing, and chances are that I'm better than you.
Me and my friend Samuel are going to be famous one day, and all you smarty pants will be working for us.
If you value your life and reproductive organs... you won't mess with me or copy me.
Good Charlotte should change their name to Good Stacy.
Hilary Duff can suck it.
I've written and performed a monologue about how much I hate her.
The Drama Studio is my favorite place.
Im cooler than you.
I like fashion.
I wish that the mexicans would take over Texas.
I want to be your friend.

This journal is FREINDS ONLY.
Just because I don't think my life needs to be put on display.

Jason Mraz is love
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