bang! I shot you with my love

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It was cold today!
I want to be famous right about now.

Where do you get those beautiful icons?
(raciest, wtf, etc...)


ok so here is whats going down

-I am over Dan
-Friendlys makes my stomache hurt
-I have a Barbie shirt on
-I hope Buddha isn't a nazi
-Its official I have an un healthy obsession with Wicked... but not so much rent (see pro)
-Music is my lover
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bang! I shot you with my love

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No one ever calls me no one ever invites me anywhere.
No one cares.
I have "friends but I don't feel like I have friends.
And no Im not upset that my "friends" all of the sudden are busy and dropped their plans... I only planned my day around it.
I just want someone to care.

All I can do is cry.